Project sales for Business Customer

If reliable cooperation, high-quality products and professional service is substantial to you, the you are more than welcome to become Puumarket business customer. Puumarket’s mission is to provide personal and suitable solutions through competent and professional service:

  • Save customer’s valuable time with operative logistics
  • help the customers to find the most suitable materials to change the construction process faster and more convenient
  • provide faster and more convenient service sales offices in various regions of Tallinn and in Pärnu, Tartu and Rakvere.

Puumarket’s corporate customer is a juridical person, whose contact information is in the Puumarket customer base. Customers are also segmented according to their purchase volume. For business customers with a purchase volume of more than EUR 2,000 a year, will have their own personal customer manager, who help you to find the most suitable materials. We also have a large number of contractual business customers who have the right to buy goods with the invoice.

Contractual business customers, who have signed credit agreement have the option to buy goods with a fixed payment terms. It is possible for the company to authorize employees who have the right to purchase goods with invoice on behalf of the company. All contractual customers have a personal customer manager. If you wish to become a Puumarket contractual business customer, please fill in the credit application.

Puumarket mission is to always be a flexible partner for all of its customers, whether it prompt response for customer requests, delivering materials or solving complaints.

Contact us, we’ll help you!

Find the closest Puumarket sales department and contact a customer manager from Tallinn, Männiku or Mustamäe departmentTartuPärnu or Rakvere.