If you want to create a nice cosy environment in your summer-cottage or garden, a wooden terrace is always an eye-catching solution. A terrace that has been built skillfully decorates your garden. Terrace boards can also be used for making garden furniture, playgrounds, fences, bowers etc.

The variety of terrace boards is wide enough to find the most suitable way to design your terrace. The most common terrace board is definitely an impregnated terrace board, where timber is processed with natural timber protection that does not contain chrome or arsene and therefore is not dangerous to people, animals or plants. Thermo-treated terrace boards: a great choice!

If you want to add freshness and a touch of luxury to your garden, we recommend you to choose thermo-treated terrace boards. In comparison with impregnated timber, it is environment-friendlier, more luxurious and has nicer colour.We offer you a terrace-boards of thermo-treated spruce, pine and ash wood.

Thermo-treated terrace-boards are very resistant to climate conditions. They do not mold or rot, and it’s easy to maintain them. In outdoor conditions we recommend you to cover the boards with natural woodoil with UV-protection. This has to be re-done in 2-3 years.

Larch terrace-boards are a good alternative in case you wish to use unprocessed timber in outdoor conditions. Siberian larch is very durable in humid or wet conditions, therefore larch is the best choice for building a terrace. Larch-wood is also a great alternative to impregnated and thermo-treated materials.


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