In collaboration with partners Puumarket offers transportation service.

Puumarket has different means of transport – according to the ordered goods, customers have the opportunity to ask for a suitable truck. Choose your preferred delivery location and order transport.

How is transportation time calculated?
We charge for driving back and forth. The time starts running when the driver gets to us and starts loading on the materials.

When it is charged for transportation by hour and when by kilometer?
The hourly fee applies to rides in Tallinn and rides up to 50km range from the centre of Tallinn. The kilometer-fee applies to rides that are out of the 50km range.

If customer orders a transport service, the customer’s representative must be present at the time of delivery and receipt. If there is no consignee for the goods, the goods will not be unloaded and the customer may incur additional costs.

For a service without lifting, the customer must ensure that the time of unloading is about 30 minutes. When ordering a service without a lift, the driver is not obliged to take part of unloading the materials.

*We do not offer discount on transportation service!
*The time of transportation is driving to object, putting the goods down and driving back.

Contact us:

Meelis Soosuu – Logistics
tel. +372 5210084