Gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboards are building boards that are made on production line, where building gypsum is poured between two cartong layers. These boards are mostly used in inner decoration. Gypsum plasterboards are mainly 12,5mm thick, but there are 6,5mm, 9,5mm and 15mm boards also. Their width is 1200mm and most common lengths are 2,6 and 3,0m, but in general 2,4 to 4,0mm long boards are produced. The edges of the boards are cut.

Board types
The boards are categorized according to their function and properties. Generally the boards are categorized to standard boards and special boards (in addition to standard board properties, special properties, such as decreased water absorption, increased firmness etc., are added. Special boards can have one or many special properties. These are usually typed into the marking, on the back side of the board. There is a CE-sign and the time the board is produced there also.