Inbank hire-purchase and Indivy

To apply for an instalment payment or payment in instalments, please contact our customer service.

Inbank hire-purchase offers you a convenient way to turn a large one-time expense into a small monthly expense. Take more time to pay and divide the purchase amount to 5 years. The first payment in a month.

Advantages of instalment payment:

  • Flexible solution for larger purchases
  • Get the answer to the request in a few minutes
  • You choose the amount of the instalment
  • You choose the payment date

Instalment terms:

  • The amount is 100-10 000 euro
  • Period 3-60 months
  • 0% down payment
  • Interest 10.9% of the purchase amount
  • Contract fee 15 euro

The instalment credit cost rate is 30,61% per annum under the following model conditions: contract price immediately payable (net price) 500 euro, credit amount 500 euro, down payment 0 euro, contract period 24 months, fixed interest rate 10.9% per year based on purchase amount, contract fee 15 euro, monthly management fee 0 euro. The monthly instalment is 90,67 euro, the total amount of credit and the amount of repayments is 544,03 euro. The creditor is Inbank Finance AS. Before concluding the agreement, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the desired agreement and, if necessary, do not hesitate to consult an employee of Inbank AS or another expert.

With Indivy, you buy now and pay later – next month or in 3 or 6 instalments at no extra charge!

Puumarket offers you a quick and convenient way to pay for goods or services with Indivy payment method. Indivy allows you to pay for purchases in up to six equal instalments or next month, without paying interest and service fees!

If you have selected a product or service, but do not want to pay the entire purchase amount at once, we will offer you a suitable payment method.

1. Pay next month, no extra charges!

Take more time to pay. Indivy will only give you the opportunity to pay for the product or service next month. Buy today and pay on the 15th of next month.

  • Amount up to 800 €
  • Deposit 0 €
  • Interest 0%
  • Contract fee 0 €
  • Management fee 0 €
  • Credit cost rate 0%
  • Payment of the purchase amount on the 15th day of the following month

2. Pay in 3 or 6 instalments at no extra charge!

Instalment payments are a convenient way to pay for products or services. We divide your purchase amount into up to six equal instalments. The first payment in a month. Buying by instalments is very easy and quick:

  • Instalment period 3 or 6 months
  • Amount up to 1500 €
  • Deposit 0 €
  • Interest 0%
  • Contract fee 0 €
  • Management fee 0 €
  • Cost of credit rate is 0%

You will receive an answer to your request to pay in instalments immediately.

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