In Männiku and Tartu departments of Puumarket, it is possible to cut 13.5 meter beams into the exact length!

With the tramline, it is possible to cut 13.5 meter glulam beams to exact length. The saw ensures a clean cut, precise dimensions and a high-quality product. It is free for the customer to change the length of the beams!

The service is provided by prior agreement. The service is not performed as a waiting job and it may be difficult to order the service during the season.

In addition, it is possible to order a timber sawing into transport size for timber purchased from Puumarket. Depending on the material, the service is provided with either a saw or a chainsaw, therefore it is not possible to ensure an accurate and clean cut.

The price of the service for the customer is 0.50 euro per one cutting and the service is provided within 2 working days at the latest.

Cross-cutting is offered only for goods purchased from Puumarket. The service does not cover materials like building boards, plywood, glulam boards, etc.

Wood Construction