Trailer renting

Price list:

1 hour: 10€

3 hours: 13€

6 hours: 16€

24 hours: 20€

  • It is only possible to order a trailer at the Puumarket sales office on site!
  • Trailers are available in all Puumarket departments.
  • The use of the trailer does not require E-category driving licenses and Puumarket does not ask for a deposit when renting. 
  • The trailer can be rented by the hour or for the whole day.
  • Trailer rental does not include awning or plastic cover. 

Tiki trailer CP300-L is a full-weld trailer with a brake on a hot-dip galvanized welded frame with a maximum load capacity of up to 480 kg. Transport box dimensions are 1.5 x 3m.

Standard trailer equipment:

  • Strong full weld frame from laser cut parts
  • Hot – dip galvanized and passivated components
  • Adjustable support wheel with clamp with a load capacity of 150 kg
  • Removable front and rear hatch on full welded frame
  • The hatches are used as access roads
  • Durable 3-leaf leaf spring axle
  • The fenders withstand climbing
  • Laminated waterproof 12mm bottom plywood
  • Tilting the box

Wood Construction