For credit customers

Company which has signed Customer credit agreement with Puumarket, gets following advantages:

  • agreed prices according to purchasing range,
  • personal customer manager,
  • building enterprise purchases and special offers,
  • entertainment program (in case of large-scale purchases).

How to become customer with credit possibilities?

To become customer with credit account, we ask you to fill out the application for credit, which you can find from here or get from Puumarket sales office. Customer Credit Agreement can only be applied by legal person. Puumarket performs a background analysis, using additionally to the companies internal information (previous sales volume, payment history etc.) other sources, such as other sellers and given data from Krediidiinfo. To make a decision about the credit limit, Puumarket has the right to ask business credit recommendation from third parties, with whom the applier already is working with in terms of credit.

The examination and the assembling of documents takes about one week from the filing for the Customer Credit Agreement. An identification document must be presented at the signing of the Customer Credit Agreement. In case of insufficient guaranties Puumarket has the right to ask for additional surety.

The credit agreement terms will come into force after both parties have signed the agreement. Puumarket has the right to stop the credit agreement unilaterally, when customer does not follow the payment liabilities correctly. In case of exceeding the credit limit or payment deadlines, customer account will be immediately banned for purveyance without warning. Company without the approval of credit committee can sign a Discount Card Agreement in any Puumarket sales department. Payments are then made in advance.

No Contract is concluded when:

  • Has been operating for less than one year,
  • company whose reputation is not positive,
  • whose economic performance is unreliable.

NB! Customer with credit account, who does not follow the payments terms and whose debt claim has been given to a collection agency, can not apply for one year for a new Customer Credit Agreement.

Example Customer Credit Agreement (in Estonian)

Wood Construction