Project Sales

It is important to us that all of our customers would get a proficient service and quick responses to their inquiries. The goal is to be a reliable partner for customers of both larger and smaller construction projects. The best offers with personal project sales for both business and private clients!

Project sales for business customers

If reliable cooperation, speed and time-saving are important for you when buying construction materials, then you are welcome to become a Puumarket business customer. Puumarket goal is to always be a flexible partner for all its project sales customers, whether the subject is making quotes or delivering goods.

Puumarket business customer is a legal entity that orders goods from Puumarket for its construction needs and whose contact information is in Puumarket customer base. Customers are also segmented according to their purchase volume. For business customers whose purchase volume is more than 2000 euro per year, we appoint for sales a contact person from Puumarket. We also have a large number of contract business customers who have the right to purchase goods on invoice, regardless the purchase volume.

Contract business customers who have entered into a credit agreement have the opportunity to receive goods with an invoice with a fixed payment term. The company can appoint authorized persons who have the right to purchase goods on invoice on behalf of the company. All credit customers have a certain contact person and they receive a better price according to the purchase volume. If you wish to become a credit customer of Puumarket, please fill in the credit application form.

Project sales to private clients

Through free counselling, we have also taken a step closer to a private client. Like a business customer, a personal approach to his construction needs and fast and competitive offers according to the project are also important for a private customer. You can always feel free to contact us and ask the client manager for help in preparing a project proposal.

Puumarket also offers private customers the opportunity to request goods in instalments. See more information about the service category.

Puumarket customer managers undergo various product and material trainings every year, they know the construction market and have long-term working experience in the sale of construction materials. Puumarket also has long-term experience of cooperating with suppliers, which in turn allows it to make competitive offers.

Choose the nearest Puumarket sales office and find a customer manager in Tallinn from the Männiku or Mustamäe sales department, in Tartu, Pärnu or Rakvere.

We will find the best opportunity for cooperation and implement your projects together!

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