Puumarket has been in the building materials market since 1991. During this time, we have become the widest variety wood materials wholesaler in Estonian market. Therefore, we are a beneficial partner to different building companies.

A wide sales net and big storage supplies enable us to offer fast and professional solutions to all of our customers.

In order to be the best supplier in this area, it is necessary to sell high quality products – the widest range of wood materials is one of our most important promises we make to our customers.


Puumarket mission is to always be a flexible partner for all of its customers, whether it prompt response for customer requests, delivering materials or solving complaints. Through personal counseling, we are also moving one step closer to private customers. Just like corporate clients, private customers need personal approaching to their needs, and quick, competitive price offers according to building projects.


To our contractual customers we offer many advantages – best prices according to the volume of your purchases, personal customer manager, free consultations and information program about our products, entertainment program (in case of large-scale purchases).

Customer Credit Agreement can only be applied by legal person.


In collaboration with partners, Puumarket offers transportation service.

Puumarket has different means of transport – according to the ordered goods, customers have the opportunity to ask for a suitable truck.


Trailer makes purchasing building materials from Puumarket even more convenient!

Renting a trailer does not require a category E license, also Puumarket will not ask deposit when renting a trailer. Trailer rental does not include a sheet or a plastic lid. Trailers can be rented hourly or for the day. Rental trailers are available in all Puumarket departments.


13.5 meter gluelam beams and laminated veneer lumber beams can be specifically cut to the client’s required lengths. No waste, clean cut, precise dimensions and high quality product.

Crosscutting service is free for customer, who has purchased gluelam or laminated veneer lumber beams from Puumarket.

Wood Construction