Wood is a pleasant and warm material that has a very wide range of use – from furniture industry to producing toys. In comparison with other materials, wood has many assets that make it very valuable and maybe sometimes even irreplaceable material. When used properly, wood is a very long-lasting and durable material. It especcially needs protection from excessive humidity. People often have prejudices that stop them from using wood in building works. Inaccurately, they think that wood is not very durable and that using other materials in building helps to save the forests. But, as wood is a renewable material, it should be used more.

Furtermore, using wood helps to slow down the global warming.
The best place where to use wood is building, because wood can be used as producing energy after demolishing.
When projecting proficiently, building a woodhouse can be even cheaper than working with other materials. The best proof of durability of woodhouses are the old woodhouses in Estonia, that have, in spite of insufficient storage, remained well.

Wood Construction