Internal doors have an important role in designing the interior. When the selection of the internal door has been made (taken both – inner decoration and practical side – into account), the doors will decorate your rooms for a long time. The standard internal door is meant for isolating one room from another. They also isolate different sounds.
Before building a doorway, carefully read the instructions. When the door hinges are on the left side, the door is for left handed and vice versa (you will see that from the opening side of the door). You have to remember that the accessories of the door do not belong to the package – you have to order them separately. You always have to take the doors measurements from the outer side of the door. When you use the door in moist rooms, it is recommended to, for example, paint the upper and lower side of the door. It makes the door resistant to moist conditions. Internal doors are made for using them in rooms, where the temperature-swings on both sides of the door are not more than 5°.

The melamine-covered internal door is made of carton that is covered with 3mm thick melmine MDF layer from both sides. The thickness of the door is about 40mm.

Melamine is an overlay paper that has been impregnated with gum and then pressed together (about 0,2mm thick). It is used for covering furniture boards. The selection of decor melamines is very wide.

Wooden doors
Made of natural wood. The doors are available with or without an opening for glass. It is possible to choose the number of openings (6 or 8).

Veneerdoors are made of cardboard, covered with chipboard. As the last two layers, veneer is added. Veneer is a thin layer of wood, that is used for making cross-veneer and covering not so valuable parts of wood.
White internal doors are meant for separating two rooms from each other and also as a design element in your home. The doors are available with both – smooth or profiled surface.

Internal doors have been made of 36mm thick cardboard and covered with 3mm thick MDF cover from both sides. The thickness of doors is 40mm.

The special kinds of sliding doors – folding doors save the floor surface in small rooms or divide big rooms into smaller ones. These kinds of doors suit everywhere, where there is no room for a regular door. Yet, it might not the best solution, because it is not soundproof. It is possible to install the doors to the openings with height up to 3,6m and width up to 12m. Folding doors save the floor surface in your home and office.

Wood Construction