Liimpuitkilp mänd 18x300x800mmProduct code: 104927

10.80 TK / 45.00 M2

By placing the products in the order, we will make you a price offer.


Puumarket offers its customers the opportunity to pay for purchases in installments with LHV or Inbank or installments through Indivy.

Dimensions (TK)
18 × 300 × 800 mm
Type of wood

Liimpuidu plaatmaterjali, mis liimitakse kokku puitlamellidest, nimetatakse liimpuitkilbiks. Kasutusala: Liimpuitkilbid on mõeldud mööbli valmistamiseks, treppide ehitamiseks, käsitööks ja sisustamiseks. Liimpuitkilbid on saadaval väga erinevas mõõdus. Materjal on hästi töödeldav. Kilpide pind on naturaalne ehk siis värvimata ja lakkimata, mis jätab kliendile võimaluse värvida liimpuitkilpidest valmistatud toode just talle meelepärast värvi

The actual availability is shown and might change on an ongoing basis.

Sale and discount items are available only in the department that has the actual stock of the item. Delivery of these products to other departments are carried out for an additional fee.

11 TK
28 TK
21 TK
9 TK
20 TK
Delivery terms
5-30 tööpäeva


You do not have to pay for the order immediately. After placing the order the Puumarket customer manager will contact you and make you a price offer with delivery times and, if necessary, transport information.


When placing an order online it is possible to pay for your purchase in advance on the basis of an invoice. Payment information will be sent to you with a quote.

In addition, it is possible to pay in the sales department with a payment card or in cash.

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Puumarket wants to make ordering and delivering your goods as convenient as possible and offer the widest possible selection of transport services:
  • a courier service for the delivery
  • lifting for heavy and heavy goods (such as stones, blocks, timber)
  • in addition, it is possible to rent a trailer
When ordering, state whether you want transport and we will find a suitable means of transport for all lengths and weights of material.

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