Price 1 040,00 €/TK

Product code 106227
Delivery time 2-5 tööpäeva 

Ankru-impulsspüstol kiirendab töötempot ja tagab alati puhta löögijälje.

  • Start&Go: Automaatne valmidusolek, kui seade ei ole kasutuses. Ühe laadimisega kuni 25% rohkem lööke.
  • LED-ekraan gaasile ja akule: Lihtne gaasi ja aku kontrollimine. Püstol annab märku, kui aku laetusest piisab vähem kui 3000 löögiks.
  • Kiirlaadimised liitiumakuga: Kuni 200 lööki vaid 2-minutilise laadimisega, täislaadimisega kuni 13000 lööki.
  • Tööd lihtsustav naelajuhik: Kiirendab töötempot ja jätab puhta löögijälje.
  • Nutikas impulsstehnoloogia: Valmistatud põhjamaisteks oludeks, töötab suurepäraselt ka kõva pakasega.
Puumarket wants to make ordering and delivering your goods as convenient as possible and offer the widest possible selection:
  • for smaller items, you can use the courier service, which starts at 5 euros.
  • for larger goods (eg. stones, blocks, longer wooden products and other heavy products) Puumarket offers transport by forklift.
  • in addition, it is possible to rent a trailer in Puumarket's sales departments. You can read the rental conditions here.

  • add products from the product catalog to the shopping cart, be sure to check the availability of the product in the selected department
  • choose whether you would like to pick up the order yourself or order a transport
  • fill in the necessary billing information and select the sales department to which you will direct the order
  • in the shopping cart, you can change the quantities of products or remove the products before placing the final order
  • if the products, billing information, transport and selected department in the shopping cart correspond to your request, click "Place an order"
  • next, the confirmation that we have received your order is displayed on the screen

By placing an order through Puumarket, it is possible to pay for your purchase in advance on the basis of an invoice, which will be sent to you after confirming the order. You can also pay for your order at the sales department on site with a card or in cash.