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Thermory catalogue

Thermory catalogue

Thermory decking and cladding

Thermory decking and cladding

Thermory offers a variety of cladding and decking profiles.

Products portfolio:

High levels of durability of Thermory decking boards have been achieved by intense modification, which produces an environmentally friendly alternative to both tropical hardwoods and chemically impregnated wood. Thermal modification significantly improves wood’s resistance to mould and rot.
Thermory hard- and softwood decking is available in 20mm and 26mm thicknesses. There are a range of widths and profiles with the possibility to apply visible and invisible screwing and fixation systems. Oiling is optional. If left untreated, thermally modified wood will naturally turn to silver-grey.

As with decking, the main features that make thermally modified cladding so suitable for outdoor use are its high durability and dimensional stability, high resistance to water, hard surface and great texture.
Exterior cladding in ash and pine are produced in a range of profiles including the classic Rhombus moulding and several shiplap profiles including C1, C2 and C3 as well as roofing and C6. Suitable for both horizontal or vertical installation and with a choice of fine-sawn, brushed or planed surfaces, Thermory cladding has proven to be long lasting as thermally modified wood has an impressive resistance to the influence of time. New to the Thermory range is thermally modified clear pine.

Thermory Flooring Collection consists of thermally modified solid ash flooring. There are two modification levels:
- Intense-modified floors are darker in color, have high dimensional stability and in the case of ash, can be installed on underfloor heating systems.
-Medium-modified floors are lighter in color and are suitable for interiors where bright colors are desired.
Flooring is sold unfinished, giving each customer the opportunity to choose between various oils and lacquers according to preference.

Like every other wood species, thermally modified wood also needs to be well taking care of.
For every width and thickness there is a suitable installation clip available. Not every clip and screw available on the market, can be used for thermally modified wood products. Only stainless steel and special rubber clips assure flawless end-results.

Decor Mosaic tiles:
Decor mosaic tiles will bring the interior back to life. These tiles are made of small thermo-ash blocks (medium- or intense-modified) and finished with extremely hard lacquer. Therefore Decor tiles can also be used on the walls and floors of wet rooms.
Dynamic colorful Decor tiles are a piece of nature and art in your interior. Feel free to personalize your world between the beloved four walls. Installation of the Decor tiles is similar to ceramic mosaic tiles.
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