Glulam, CLT Cross Laminated Timber

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Arcwood offers products ranging from a short ceiling joist to a glulam truss spanning tens of metres; from a raw blank to a complete solution.

Products portfolio:

Glulam (glued laminated timber) is produced from timber that has undergone a technological drying process and generally contains 12% moisture. By laminating the layers together with adhesive, glulam can be produced to precisely the height needed in construction. Glulam can be easily processed if necessary using various techniques. Drilling and milling is performed and incisions are made using a CNC machine, which ensures top of the line quality and precision.

Finger-jointed structural timber. Structural timber is natural wood dried using a technological process, and has a moisture content of up to 18%. The structural timber is made by lengthwise joining of the components to make structural elements that are longer than natural timber. Polyurethane adhesive is used to glue the pieces together, as it leaves a light-coloured joint. The structural timber must be protected in outdoor conditions either by pressure treatment or varnish, depending on where it is used.

CLT Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a wonderfully versatile building material, that can be used for external and internal walls, intermediate ceilings, and as roof panels in conjunction with other building materials. The number of CLT layers is always odd – 3, 5 or 7 layers.

Layers provide a so-called locking effect, which ensures very good stability of the panel measurements, stability during changes in humidity and significantly reduces negative effects of wood drying. CLT has no architectural constraints, and because of this, more and more CLT is being used for building private houses, apartment buildings, as well as industrial and commercial buildings.

The use of CLT in bridge building has become more and more popular. Its large format elements accelerate the construction process greatly. Fixings between panels are made quickly for screws, bolts, and pins, and do not require any extra drying time.

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